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Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk

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Do you like visual novels or their subbranch otome games ? Those are the voiced picture book like games you can play at some platforms such as PC, tablets, mobile phones or some game consoles. You can effect the direction of the game a little bit through the choices you made, and achieve written endings.

One of my favorites from the bgm. Most unusal cover of scarborough fair

This is the 9. visaul novel I’ve ever played so far and it is one of my favorites or simply just my favorite one. This game could be considered as follow-up of the Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly but aside from the game mechanics, some easter eggs, some references and endings, they are totally different games as well as different stories. So you can play this without playing it’s predecessor but in order to understand endings and story line I highly recommend playing PoBB .

Story Summary

To sum up to story ” Jed/Eiar who lives In a town where winter never ends, whenever she gets excited her eye turns into red. Red eye considered as indicator of witchs and if someone from the town learns her eye, her life would be in danger, because townpeople put the blame of winter on the wtich. That’s why she wears like a man, raised as man and can not use her real name Eiar. When she grow up she leaves the wolf manor where she raised in and starts to live in a distant tower with myterious amnesiac man, Ashen Hawk.