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Amnesia Memories

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Hey there

After telling how I started to play otome games, I can talk about the second game I played. This otome game is seen one of the classics, developer is again Otomate, publisher is Idea Factory. This game was first released in Japan 2011, for PSP later ported on PSVita, IOS, Android and lastly computers/Steam.

If you wanna play, I recommend playing on steam. You can either play in English or Japanese. I do not recommend playing on phone, because it is more expensive on appstore or googleplay store idk why. If you’ll ever want to play though

I started to play this game before reading anything about it. It was on sale, even without sale it was cheaper than many games and developer was otomate. It was about a girl who lost her memories, just like title says. and I thought it would be a fluffy story about girl tries to regain her memories. I was so wrong. Thriller, mystery, danger, Tokyo, thriller, modern times are some keywords of this story. Aside from them, the games theme colours are dark as it is seen, could be a clue about that game isn’t fluffy.

Poster boy Shin, you may have seen him on some Nightcore videos
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Anket / Poll

Herkese merhaba

Umarım herkes iyidir mutludur ve huzurludur. Evinde koronadan uzak oturuyordur. Blogum hakkında küçük bir anket hazırladım. Okuyucularımı tanımak ve ilerde daha güzel yazılar yazabilmek için. Ve tabi ki WordPressin anket özelliğini denemek için 🙂

Hello there

I hope everyone is ok and peacefull, staying at home far away from Corona. I prepared a small poll about my blog. Because I want to know more about my readers and write better blog posts in future. And of course I wanted to check WordPresses poll block :

Bu yazıyı iki dilde yazmam çok saçma biliyorum, yazılarımın çoğu Türkçe ama yine de kendimi alıkoyamadım:)

I know it is stupid to write this post in two languages, most of my posts are in Turkish, but still I couldn’t help myself 🙂

For my non-Turkish speakers, If there is a specific post that you want to see in English, please write it in comments.

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En kısa sürede görüşmek üzere, Hope to see you soon


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Language Learning through Visual Novels

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Hey there

I know this may sound weird, but hear me out. I believe visual novels (excluding eroges) are the best language learning, actually improving medium available, and here the reasons…

Best way to learn a language is being exposed to that language as much as possible. The most common way to do that is reading books, watching tv movies, living in a country that target language is spoken etc…

As a 3 yo otome player let me share my experiences and how they effect my Japanese learning. And as a foreign language teaching major uni student hear my reasonings.

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How I begin to play Otomes and Code Realize Series

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Hello there

In this blog post I want to tell how I started to play otome games/ visual novels (a.k.a my favorite hobby of recent years) and talk about one of the most special and beautiful otome game of all times in my opinion: Code Realize Series. You can skip the story telling part, if you want and read the long review about the game.

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Psychedelica of the Ashen Hawk

Hello there

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Do you like visual novels or their subbranch otome games ? Those are the voiced picture book like games you can play at some platforms such as PC, tablets, mobile phones or some game consoles. You can effect the direction of the game a little bit through the choices you made, and achieve written endings.

One of my favorites from the bgm. Most unusal cover of scarborough fair

This is the 9. visaul novel I’ve ever played so far and it is one of my favorites or simply just my favorite one. This game could be considered as follow-up of the Psychedelica of the Black Butterfly but aside from the game mechanics, some easter eggs, some references and endings, they are totally different games as well as different stories. So you can play this without playing it’s predecessor but in order to understand endings and story line I highly recommend playing PoBB .

Story Summary

To sum up to story ” Jed/Eiar who lives In a town where winter never ends, whenever she gets excited her eye turns into red. Red eye considered as indicator of witchs and if someone from the town learns her eye, her life would be in danger, because townpeople put the blame of winter on the wtich. That’s why she wears like a man, raised as man and can not use her real name Eiar. When she grow up she leaves the wolf manor where she raised in and starts to live in a distant tower with myterious amnesiac man, Ashen Hawk.

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Turtles All the Way Down / Book

Hey There !

Because I read this book in English instead of Turkish I am gonna make this review in English. Translation is on the way so no worries !

“We never really talked much or even looked at each other, but it didn’t matter because we were looking at the same sky together, which is maybe even more intimate than eye contact anyway. I mean, anybody can look at you. It’s quite rare to find someone who sees the same world you see.” 

pg. 9
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