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Amnesia Memories

For Turkish here/ Türkçesi için Buraya

Hey there

After telling how I started to play otome games, I can talk about the second game I played. This otome game is seen one of the classics, developer is again Otomate, publisher is Idea Factory. This game was first released in Japan 2011, for PSP later ported on PSVita, IOS, Android and lastly computers/Steam.

If you wanna play, I recommend playing on steam. You can either play in English or Japanese. I do not recommend playing on phone, because it is more expensive on appstore or googleplay store idk why. If you’ll ever want to play though

I started to play this game before reading anything about it. It was on sale, even without sale it was cheaper than many games and developer was otomate. It was about a girl who lost her memories, just like title says. and I thought it would be a fluffy story about girl tries to regain her memories. I was so wrong. Thriller, mystery, danger, Tokyo, thriller, modern times are some keywords of this story. Aside from them, the games theme colours are dark as it is seen, could be a clue about that game isn’t fluffy.

Poster boy Shin, you may have seen him on some Nightcore videos

Our Story is like this:

We wake up. We are in a blue fluffy purple place. At the moment we say “where the heck I am?” we meet a boy who is cute, so cute that doesn’t belong to this boring world.

We learnt that we had an accident from this fairy-like boy who introduced himself as Orion. Orion adds because of the accident he entered our mind and that’s why we lost our memory. He says he would help us to regain our memories and wants to return to his master Nhill. He starts his helping with asking our name.

We have nice hair and a sense of fashion.

Our memory loss shouldn’t be underestimated, it is such a big loss that we even do not remember our name. Seriously usually we have a “default name” to use it, but this game we do not have it. WHY? Thankfully some bloggers find very original names for the heroine: “Aika”, “Mary Sue”, “Heroine” or its Japanese translation “Shujinko”, even one blogger called her “Unko”*. I couldn’t read that post without laughing 😂.

I do not remember which name I gave her while playing. I didn’t use my real name I am sure. Later on I realized what wonderful choice was that. What is the most cliche Turkish girl name anyway? Ayşegül ? No I have a friend whose name is that. Emel ? No no I have a friend uses that name. OK OK I’ll use Firuze**. From now on I’ll use Firuze to refer the heroine. I send my regards, love and apologies to anyone who has this name.

The thing is if we consider other heroines out there (Kazuha😠), Firuze is not a that bad heroine. She is an empty, so empty character. I do not think this is only related to her memory loss. She doesn’t have any inner dialogue. Orion does that instead of her. She doesn’t show her emotions so we are not sure they exist.

Well let’s move on Firuze and Orion talk more. And then game gives us our first choices. To choose a world. With choosing a world we are choosing who is our boyfriend or to be boyfriend. Also from world to world some characters changes. For example the cafe owners we work part time personality changes dependent on the world. In one world he is a warm man, in other he is an authoratative boss, in another he is fatherly type you can go to get advice on. In one world we are besties with minor girl character, in other we are at daggers drawn with her. I think this part is the most amusement part of the game.

Choices and characters from left to right: Heart 🟥 ♥️(Shin), Spade🟦♠(Ikki), Clover 🟩 ♣️(Kent), Diamond 🟨♦️(Toma) and the last route gets unlocked after we finish this four routes: Joker 🟪🃏(Ukyo).

from left to right: Shin, İkki, Kent, Toma and Ukyo

Ben şekil olarak en çok maçayı sevdiğimden maçayla başlamıştım ve oynarken bir rehberden yardım almamıştım. Çok büyük hata cidden. İlk kötü sona son sürat ulaştım ve ne oynuyorum lan ben ?!! diye sorguladım. Oyuna bir süre ara verdim ama sonra içimdeki hayran kız kazandı ve oyunu bitirdim. Meğersem çok daha kötü sonlar varmış. Kabusluk materyal denecek cinsten sonlar.

As a shape I like spades the most so I started with it and I played without a guide. Big mistake seriously. I reached my first bad ending with lightning speed and asked myself “What the heck I am playing?”. I gave it a short break but the fangirl inside me won and I finished the game quickly. There were worse endings than that, could be described as nightmare fuel.

I finished this game almost two years ago, so some details are gone. But now let’s talk about the characters briefly. The two characters after the Firuze are my favorites route of the game.

SPOILER ALERT, If you wanna play the game, skip to last notes after reading Firuze.

Firuze, Heroine (you) 👩🏼

Dünya seçimini yaptıktan sonra kendimiz ve çevremiz hakkında öğrendiklerimiz şunlar:

  • We study psychology at the university.
  • We are twenty years old.
  • We live in Tokyo, in one person student apartment thing. (Do they have a specific name ?)
  • It is summer holiday and 8 of August. Every world start with this date. But the weather is cold for a summer, why though ?
  • We work in a maid cafe as a part time job. Other characters are our colleagues, usually.
  • Our father is a Casanova, get married more than twice, even married with Shin’s and Toma’s mothers, get divorced etc. So Shin and Toma are/were our step-bro thingy and we grow up with them.

Kent ♣️

my favorite cg of the game, summer festival and rain
  • Maniac mathematician. His life is based on maths and logic.
  • Feelings?! Love ?! what the heck are those ?!
  • He gives maths lectures in the university and that’s how he and Firuze met. And guess what? Firuze sucks at math. Because of this and other reasons they do not get along well at the begining.
  • 25 yo. Kuudere of the game
  • Good friends with Ikki
  • He loves maths so much that he prepares and gives a math book to Firuze as a present. According to Ikki, he should give his girlfriend something he prepared 😂.
  • Only in Kents story, Firuzes memory loss works well to their relationship and I think Firuze has most personality in this route. Due to her amnesia, Firuze can see Kent without her prejudices and tries to know him better.
  • If you ask he is the most normal main character but he get the lowest point in character polls in Japan. I do not understand Japanese ladies
  • Seiyu: Akira Ishida 😍

Shin ♥️

Spring Festival
  • Shin who is our teenager, clever, unbearably arrogant, teenager and stubborn poster boy.
  • 19 yo. Tsundere.
  • Childhood love.
  • Last year HS student. Studies at Firuze’s universitys high school. His house is very close to Firuzes. Actually Firuze, Toma and Shin live in the same neighbourhood.
  • He wants to be a successful student and tries hard to have a bright future. Due to some misunderstandings and labels he haven’t got many friends. A lone wolf.
  • When Firuze wakes up in Heart world, she is in a hospital with some bandages on her neck. Something happened, something bad. This mystery should be solved by our genious Shinlock. In this route we are dealing with not just amnesia but also mystery. Someone wants us death, oh no😮
  • In the first day, even in the first hours Shin notices Firuzes memory loss. Clever boy. He shows around, Firuzes school to her to help her regain her memories. I really liked those parts. It was bittersweet 😭
  • Seiyu: Tetsuya Kakihara

İkki ♠️

  • His eyes have an effect like Medusa. That’s why he usually wears sunglasses. The girl he looks fall in love with him in the instant but that doesn’t happen with Firuze. So he gets interested in Firuze.
  • Casanova like our dad. He changes his girlfriends once in three months 😠. Flirty.
  • 23 yo. Deredere? Genki? I am not sure.
  • He has a scary fanclub and that clubs vice president is a girl named Rika. Very scary club. Spoiler: The first ending I’ve reached in lightning speed was his ending and in that ending I, Firuze left in dead in cold waters by that fanclub.
  • He studies economics, statistic or something like at the university. Good friends with Ikki. Not bad at math, but not good as Kent. They prepare each other math questions.
  • There was a question dedicated to him in Kents maths booklet prepared for Firuze. I laughed a lot. 😂
  • Seiyu: Kishou Taniyama (I did not expect this guy to have this voice.)

Toma ♦️

  • RUN, run, rUn, RuN without looking back.
  • 21 yo. YANDERE. (Old) King of Yanderes
  • Childhood love Onichan version
  • He likes to be brotherly towards our Firuze and he once was really a brother, step brother. He is extremely protective, I mean extremely. He was so extreme that Firuze… I do not wanna give too many spoilers even though this is an old game, but his route was nightmarous. I am glad I did not start this game with his route. His bad endings are worse, his good ending…
  • His route is full of misunderstandings. There are many things to say but let’s leave it here. If you’ll ever play this game do not start with him. JUST DO NOT.
  • Somehow he was chosen the best chracter in polls according to Japanese ladies😐. I do not understand them, I do not think I’ll be ever understand them.
  • Seiyu: Hino Satoshi (I love his voice when he voiced Lavan. Somehow he always voices brother-brotherly chracters etc: Kamui, Lavan.)

Ukyo 🃏

  • He is a split personality photographer chracter. To reach him, you should get good or normal endings of other characters.
  • 24 yo.
  • He is seen being a stalker and sleeping in the parks like a homeless.
  • He is our killer in some worlds, our saviour in others. Did someone said personality split disorder ?
  • It was a satisfying ending for this game. We finally understand why the weather is cold despite the summer and why we always start with 8 of August. He is world traveler.
  • In the end it was a good story.
  • Seiyu: Kouki Miyata

Minor characters

All of the charaters who has sprites : Ukyo, Sawa, Mine, Rika, Kawa, Firuze, Shin, İkki, Kent, Toma and Orion
  • Sawa: our true friend in every world. She supports us a lot. In one world, Sawa and Mine stays over and exchange love stories and rumours. It was cool. Usually in otome games there aren’t many supportive girl friend character. Sawa is a rare good example for this trope.
  • Mine: She is our colleague in Cafe in almost every world. We get along well in one world, in other she gets jealous of us, in another she loves Kawa. She is an interesting character.
  • Rika: gothic scary character. Vice president of Ikkis fanclub. She has problems with us almost in every world. In one world we get along and in that world we together cheering for Ikki.
  • Kawa: Çalıştığımız yerdeki patronumuz. Dünyadan dünyaya kişiliği ve ilişkileri değişiyor tabi. Güzel bir karakterdi.
  • Kawa: Our boss in the cafe. His personality and relationships changes dramatically from world to world. He is a nice character.

Last Notes:

  • Game itself is a good otome game but not my taste.
  • This game has some unlocalized fandisks, sequel etc. I hope they’ll get localized but it seems Idea Factory has no itention to do so. If they get localized and in sale and I have free time, I would consider playing it.
  • This game has an anime adaptation I’ll talk about it later.
  • This game has a SUBSTANTIAL NUMBER OF the CHOICES and choices are so similar to each other.
  • If you ask how we get the right ending, developers add parameter system, this parameters dicreases or increases according to our choices. Toma as a(n old) king yanderes he has four parameters(+doubt) while other characters has three. But I recommend using a guide, do not give a damn about parameters.
  • Also this game has many many endings. There is one good, one normal, 4-5 or 7 bad ending for every character. More than 30 endings we have. Most of the bad endings we got killed by fanclub or Ukyo. In one ending we get hospitalized and then Tomas🤐
  • Character design is done by Mai Hanamura. I like the faces and hair of the chracters but clothes?! They are suppoused to be casual clothes. Maybe they designed this extravagant in order to get attention or reflect the atmosphere. They are not bad but they feel like halloween. Especially Kents clothes? What the heck are those belts? Kent suppoused to be the most practical character how does he wears those belts in every morning ? It feels like an armor rather than casual daily clothes. I am glad I only see characters above the waist most of the time. Anatomy is generally good but sometimes fingers seem longer.
  • Background art wasn’t bad. Their colour changes according to daytime, they feel like they could be anywhere in Tokyo, without so many details. They feel like they jumped on from a manga page.
Firuzes room at the sunset.
  • I do not specifially remember a track from the BGM. BGM was good, helps with reading, coherent with the story and atmospehere. There were also one or two good thriller track.
  • That’s all for the game. Let’s talk about the Anime now.


You lost your memories, could you trust the person in front of you ?

Anime adaptation of the game gives the some scenes from the game mixed. There are 12 episodes in total + ova episode. Some episodes focus on a specific character and his story. I do not know why but Kent has only one episode dedicated to him 😠. Anime ends neutral, should every other otome adaptations as well.

SPOILER Anime op song, English translation and clip

The thing I like the most about the anime is opening song. Could be one of the best soft J-rock pieces. Second thing I like is eye drawings in the anime. The colours are so nice and vivid. Especially Shins eyes, their colours feels like sunset.

That’s all for today


*unko : means system waste, feces in Japanese . S H I T, P O O P 💩

**Firuze: (pronunciation: Fee-Rue-zah(?)フィルゼ) An archaic Turkish girl name, variant of Persian name “Firouzeh” meaning Turquise gem stone. Well also has a Turkish song dedicated for it, click here and here.

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